Birthday Parties

We will run a 7 game season with playoff system.  All players must have a signed waiver on file, a valid Total Sports membership and teams must be paid in full by the start of the second game or will forfeit their season.  All individuals must be paid in full prior to registering.  Games are played 6v6  and are two 12 minutes halves with a 2 minute half time, Indoor rules will be used and a rule info packet will be out soon.  Games could start as early as 8:30 pm and as late as 11:00 pm.  10 player maximum roster  COED Leagues must have two women on the field at all times

Days offered
Team Cost
Individual Cost
Roster Max





$495 for 7 Games

$200 deposit       

$49 per player

Must pay in full at time of sign up

10 and is frozen by start of second game

Knockerball Detroit 

Please call in for any drop in times offered 248-957-8391

Team Building / Rentals

League Play


We offer 4 different games so far:
Game 1- King of the Circle / Last Person Standing
There are no teams - you play against each other. All players are gathered inside a designated circle. The game starts with the referees whistle, The goal of the game is to eliminate all your opponents by evicting them from the circle! Once a referee removes a player he or she may not return to the game. The player inside the circle will become the KING or QUEEN!

Game 2- SpartacusTwo teams are facing each other and  the goal is to put every player of the opposing team on the ground. One a player touches the ground with their ball they are eliminated and must return to their side. The number of points of the winning team will be counted based on the number of players who are still standing.

Contact 248-669-9817 for birthday parties or 248-957-8391 for all Knockerball Rentals


Drop In Times

Currently we recommend playing in our training space as it has plenty of room for any of the games listed below and can accommodate 15 people playing at a time and with rotation up to as many as you want.  The large field is available on a limited basis and cost can be customized to your group by calling 248-957-8391.  The Knocker balls weigh approx 15-20 pounds a piece.   We recommend to show up 15-20 prior to your event to go over all the safety rules.  Must have a $50 deposit to hold the rental


Cost of Training Space (based on open times)Cost of Knocker ball Rental (minimum of 10)Attendant for Party (must have at least 1)
$75 before 9:00 am and weekdays$15 per Ball Rental$25 per referee
$125 after 9:00 am on weekends
$15 per Ball Rental
$25 per referee

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Game 3 - Knockerball Capture the Flag  teams are facing each other before the beginning of the game each team must select a general. The two generals will wear a bib to be properly identified. As soon as the whistle is blown the two teams compete with the objective of putting down the general of the opposing side, all players can hit the ground and get up without being eliminated from the game except the general. Each team will have a safe side, players going to opposite teams area that hit ground must go back to own side

Game 4 - Knockerball Soccer